Lorraine Penn’s Stories

New Generation of Technology Users

Having recently returned from a weekend, well actually one evening, of babysitting my grandsons’ ages 11 and 8, in Newcastle, Australia.

During my visit, it was wonderful to see how my grandsons are using all forms of technology, iPads, iPhones and Smart TV with Wii games of course in a way that most adults my age and even much younger feel intimidated by, but not my grandsons.

The eldest grandson Damien said; “Nanma you would be surprised at all the technology available for us to learn now”, how true!

During my stay I had the wonderful pleasure of seeing a video that Damien had written, videoed and directed whilst attending an Apple Store Kids Video Workshop in Charlestown Shopping Centre. I know this sounds biased, but his was without a doubt the best video shown on the day, amazing creativity.

Interesting as the school system said a few years ago that he was ADHD, yes right! Thank goodness my daughter did not take the medical advice to medicate him.

It was pleasing to see that my grandsons are using technology as a tool for learning new, and creative ways of opening up their minds to creativity, something that is stifled within the education system.