Leonie Henschke’s Poems

Byron Musing

This verse was written after an inspiring visit to the Byron Bay Writers’ Festival in Northern NSW, August 2013

Aqua water, golden sand, lighthouse beaming

Crystals and Maseratis, side by side, gleaming

Cappuccinos, chai latte, soy,

Tofu, haloumi, the lot

Not a Macca’s in sight on any town plot

It’s Byron

It’s Festival time, the literati are in town

Peter Carey, Robert Drewe, even Peter FitzSimons, like a giant of the race

The locals front up, Kerry O’Brien, Mungo MacCallum, and even Mick O’Regan

It doesn’t matter who you are, as long as you’re vegan

It’s Byron

New faces with old-fashioned names like Hannah Kent and Hannabeth Luke grace the stage

Thrilling the crowds with their books of gruesome trials on each page

But the comedians keep the laughs coming, sneering Judith Lucy and dizzy Denise Scott

And there’s always glum Leunig to keep our consciences hot

It’s Byron

There are oohs and aahs for luscious Luka Lesson and his poems

And twitches and guffaws for David Astle with his puzzles and squares

Politicians steal the limelight and journalists probe through the right channels

But really only of worth are Simon Crean, Maxine McKew and the panels

It’s Byron

If it’s a song you want, there’s Archie Roach and Paul Kelly

But don’t rely on them for words, oh dear, not their day to be on fire

No stories to tell, no words to inspire

But most important of all there’s a cheer and a clap for all those hard working people who read

For without them, it’s true, how would a writer succeed

That was Byron

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