Karolyn Gibson’s Poems

Propelling Thoughts

I’m out of here; I’ve bought my flight

Four days away, new life insight

Put down the tools, pick up the phone

“Can’t help today, I won’t be home”

Got lots to do got plans to make

Got friends to meet! Best not be late

A once-in-time-in-place allowed

All systems go oh my! The crowd

“Take care, sleep well until next we meet”

Hmmm, I hope I get the window seat

Up so high – (oh yeah) the plane as well

I think of all I know….do tell

“The day, the moment, the reason for life

To be close to you to be your wife”

So now I want nothing more than to be

At home with you and you with me

Plane touches down, I won’t let go

Please let me stay, say what? Oh no!

I can stay… but note this plane will fly

Not home but further from – but why?

When all I want is all I am

And all I am is your number one fan

“Missing you already”

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