Ron Pike Profile


Ron, known as “Pikey” too most, also refers to himself as the “Bushy from the back of Barellan.”

It was on these dry plains of the Riverina that Ron’s Grand Parents settled in the early 1900’s and some of Ron’s earliest memories are of listening to poetry around the fireplace in a humble corrugated iron farmhouse in what was then dry desolate country described by both Stuart and Cunningham as, “a dry treeless plain unsuitable for human habituation.”

However with the advent of irrigation and good management, this area was transformed into a fertile, highly productive farming region, now known as the food bowl of Australia.

It was also during this time of development that the Riverina was for a time the home of John O’Brien, Henry Lawson, Jim Graham and other poets whose works were eagerly read and performed, often in small country halls.

A recurring theme through many of these poems and writings is an understanding of that originally harsh environment and the role that man can and has played in its enhancement and productivity.

Now retired Ron has more time for writing both poetry and comment often related to the environment in which he grew up and worked for most of his life.

Ron has been involved in public speaking, debating, adjudicating, poetry writing and performing most of his life.

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