Roger Harris Profile


Roger describes himself as a teenager living life to the full, accounting for the slightly worn look.

Despite being the son of a renowned journalist, Roger exhibited neither the ability, nor desire to write in his formative years. Motor racing and fast cars catching his attention at an early age, and has remained his passion ever since. Though now shared with classical music.

Motor racing saw Roger win three Championships, and amass rather too much silverware to polish on a regular basis. Deteriorating eyesight, and a pregnant wife, brought Roger’s driving career to an inauspicious conclusion.

Twelve years later Rogers life was dramatically and permanently changed by a debilitating traffic accident. “You have to see the irony, twelve years motor racing and I walk away without a scratch, just to get wiped out at a set of traffic lights, and to add insult to injury it was in a Commodore”.

Following an illustrious career in Information Technology, Roger moved to Coffs Harbour to continue his post accident rehabilitation, where he enrolled at Southern Cross University to study Creative Writing.

“I’m pushing the envelope”, says Roger “Looking for the point at which writing becomes more dangerous than motor racing, maybe I should have hung onto my fireproof clothing and crash helmet”.

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