Karolyn Gibson Profile


Karolyn is writer of wild imaginings, of personal experience and of fantasy. She writes in a story telling poetic style, sometimes with a rhythm and phrasing for the opportunity to be sung, but not always…. Karolyn writes just because she enjoys it. She appreciates the support and encouragement from the members in the Writers Group and respects the many qualities that are owned by each individual member.

Her parents were creative and artistic and involved in local theatre groups throughout their lifetime. They both enjoyed a natural talent in creative writing. Karolyn’s father was a classically trained pianist and also enjoyed his art. She herself has been a qualified dance teacher, choreographer and storyteller, performing on stage since the age of three and a half in solo and group performances as well as local theatre productions.

She is also a nurse and worked in and enjoyed customer services all her working life. Karolyn is a carer and wife, a mother and grandmother and most importantly an individual who enjoys life with the opportunities it offers to discover herself and the world around her and beyond.

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