Danielle Babb

Born in France in the central plateau of Auvergne, Danielle was an avid reader from an early age.  Listening to the radio during the day with her mother, she developed a love for plays and story-telling music also played a great part in her life from classical to jazz and gypsy swing.  It remains her passion today as she broadcasts weekly at the local radio station.

She became involved with the school newspaper at High School writing features and a weekly crossword.  During her working life, she contributed to various publications advocating the merits of the tourism industry, and later in transport and health-producing in-house technical and specialist training manuals for the workplace.  After settling in Sydney she continued to write articles and short stories collecting recipes for that recipe book planned long ago, but still in the gestation stage today! She also recorded events from her childhood with the intention of writing life stories and a memoir.

Danielle contributed to several anthologies with local writers groups.  She wrote several sketches performed for the show ‘Invisible Women’ put on by CHATS in 2011.  She became involved with Amnesty International letter writing campaigns relating to human rights violations around the world.

Living in the Bellingen Valley, she enjoys reading, from thrillers to biographies, plays and poetry, listening to music, gardening, cooking and socialising.

What’s in the pipeline? Short stories, a memoir, maybe a thriller or two, a cooking book is still high on the agenda.



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