My Chair Is Still There

Tribute poem to our member’s by Sally Ross

My chair is still there but where am I

It’s been four months since I said goodbye

I’ve missed the meetings and morning teas

The poems, the stories the camaraderie


Gentle James, artistic Suzanne.

Enquiring Janice’s, Estelle with a plan

Roger’s stories of his sisters the witches, on seat of his pants,

car races in ditches.


Ron with his interesting editorial quotes,

Danielle with her snip-its and off the wall jokes

Les with his school days a teacher to boot

Yvonne with a laugh, our meetings a hoot.


Rhonda had stories about a small fish

Lorraine is the President she always look swish


Leonie writes newsletters our editor in chief

Rosalie writes her books, which feature Caleath


There are more in our group it grows everyday

And where am I?

I’m home but away!

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