Excellent Pitching Your Synopsis Workshop

More than 20 members and guests were given a wonderful interactive and real time examples on ‘Pitching Your Synopsis’ workshop, facilitated by Leonie Henschke on Thursday evening 10th July, at Coffs Harbour Library.

Participants were taken through what publishers are accepting in the form of manuscripts with conditions, including handouts on publishers various requirements and guides on preparing your synopsis.

We were guided through the development of short and long write-ups of our own works, taking into consideration what sets your works apart from others and how and where it is going to fit into the marketplace.

One of Coffs Harbour Writers’ Group members who recently returned from pitching her works in Los Angles shared her invaluable knowledge on the type of research required, including how she planned and presented her pitch to more than 100 agents. Great take away examples of what to do and what not to do, thanks Lisa Riley.

At the end of the workshop attendees who felt they were ready to present their works, were given an opportunity to participate in a ‘one on one’ pitch to a volunteer panel and the audience. This type of exposure was invaluable experience for everyone.


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