Promoting Yourself on Social Media

Members and guests were given an excellent overview on the differences and benefits of promoting yourself via social media, by Liz Keen, ABC Open Producer, Coffs Harbour, at our May monthly meeting.

Facebook is still the most popular form of social media by advertisers and it is ranked at number one, followed by for example: Twitter and Linkedin

The older population is embracing Facebook more than ever, while Gen Y tend to use other forms of social media, like Twitter, Instagram and Flickr.

Twitter is a fantastic source if your want your blog acknowledged, limit your post’s wording to 140 characters, and make it useful information that you want to get out, as it is good for building audience. Good idea to post things twice a day only, not like Facebook, where people tend to post more often.

Remember what you write on the Internet stays out there for everyone to see, unless you structure your settings to only allow friends to see the information.

With Twitter you choose who you want to follow, structure you feed how you want be selective about the persons or organisations you want to follow. If you post make it a mix of interesting information. It is all about marketing your works if you choose to use this form of media.

Blogs are another form of social media, creating your own blog can be achieved by using the hosting websites with free templates, like:, and

Make sure you include visual graphic incorporated into your text, adjust your writing to be newsworthy information not long-winded. It is all about storytelling take the time to think about your posts, be creative.


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