Last Skills Learning Workshop for 2013


Leonie HenschkeCalling all budding writers out there for another information-packed, hands-on writers’ workshop, ‘Scoping and Structuring your Plot’, from the Coffs Harbour Writers’ Group. In the last of the 2013 series local freelance journalist and writer, Leonie Henschke, will be working with you to create the perfect plot! Not only plotting devious deeds, murder-mystery style, but also teaching you how to give your story a logical framework to keep the action moving. Every good story needs a plot and it’s much more than a list of events. A good plot establishes connections and provides an engaging structure to the unfolding of the action.

Come along to the workshop and hone your skills. Learn how to establish a beginning, a middle, and an end. Learn where to begin telling the story and where to end the telling. It will be a fun and creative session so register your interest now to ensure a place.

The workshop will be help on Thursday, 7 November, from 1.15 pm to 3.30 pm in the Coffs Harbour Ex Services Club. For registrations contact Karolyn Gibson on 6658 4981 or email

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