Last Week Was Filled with Learning Opportunities

CHWG 003

First came the amazing workshop ‘Character Development and Dialogue’ presented by the very talented Leonie Henschke.

This was by special request from many who missed out on the original July Workshop and I might say we weren’t disappointed.

We discussed our characters, truth and variation.  We learnt the best way to begin our story.  We discussed the importance of and the best way to deliver back the story and then prepared our exercises with the help of prompts.  The creativity in the room was inspiring.

Two days later I found myself sitting with another group of writers watching a ‘powerful’ PowerPoint Delivery on the Why, What, When and How of Poetry and once again being inspired this time, by Presenter and among other things Poet, Performer, Adjudicator, Debater and Public Speaker Ron Pike.

Ron spoke about the music, the rhythm and rhyme in poetry and offered ideas of how this form of communication could be best delivered.  He discussed the type of language to use and encouraged us to think about our listeners.

He compared various poets work and encouraged us to speak our own thoughts.  He spoke of the importance of the design and the delivery of our work and also gave us tips on how to engage our audience.

I cannot put my pen down.  I haven’t stopped pumping the key board since…I am reading more and writing more and speaking to my dear patient husband in rhythms and rhyme that sends him into a twirl….Hmmm?  But I’m smiling and he is smiling and the air is light and filled with life.

Do I think it was worth the effort?  You bet I do and I would do it all over again and will as soon as I can encourage them back again to take the floor.

Thank you Leonie and Ron for the incredible time, effort and knowledge you have given us once again.

You have encouraged us to believe in our cause our ability and ourselves.

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