Guest Speaker talks about Intellectual Property of our Written Words

Last Thursday, 2nd May proved to be another day filled with exciting new lessons, by Karolyn Gibson.

The Coffs Harbour Writers’ Group were treated with two special presentations.  Vincent Butcher, Group Leader, Slater & Gordon came along to our General meeting and gave a very interesting and informative talk on Intellectual Property (IP) highlighting five specific points of interest for our writers’ group.

A brief introduction including the history, meaning and purpose of IP opened the discussion.  Soon after questions surrounding ownership rights and strategies available toward protection of creative and artistic works were answered.  This offered the group better understanding of the laws governing the world of intangible assets, specifically focusing on textual materials and Copy right.

I truly enjoyed the discussion as Vincent had a very open and inviting manner throughout his extremely informative presentation.  I believe there was something for everyone in this very important and valuable topic area.

Thank you Vincent for the impressive preparation and comprehensive presentation on Intellectual Property Law specifically tailored for our Writers’ group.

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