World Building Workshop

Following on from our morning guest speaker on IP after lunch break on 2nd May, CHWG members and guests were treated to a mind opening creative workshop on ‘World Building’ presented by Rosalie Skinner, Author of The Chronicles of Caleath visit her website or, by Karolyn Gibson

Rosalie began the workshop with a brief introduction to her writing background including her huge appetite for reading.  She followed by the sharing of her inspiration for The Chronicles of Caleath.  The exercises then came thick and fast.  They not only relaxed me but also encourage my mind to run free.

We were a varied group of aspiring writers, authors, poets and the like.  At times the stories flowed from places perhaps some of us in the group had never visited before.  The chosen exercises appeared to mask our known reality with day dreams of make believe.  The world of Fantasy Writing coloured our afternoon in wonderment and expressive chatter.

Step by step I moved, sometimes cautiously, but progressively through toward a new experience.  I was unlocking my mind, building my story and creating a believable world for my reader.  My story was far from complete, but I could see a theme, a believable creative journey, where I could explore and create an adventure that I am still unravelling from the twisted web inside my head….And I went home alive.

Once again my Thursday Writers’ Group meeting left me inspired and free to express a world.  This was my world that I created from the air around me and from my very breath inside me.  I live, I breathe and I build each day a new world and as Rosalie reminds us every new day brings a lesson worth learning.  Thank you Rosalie for welcoming us to your world.

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