Compelling Advanced Memoir Writing Workshop

How fortunate are members and guests of Coffs Harbour Writers’ Group to have amongst our group a member, Leonie Henschke with the knowledge and skills worthy to facilitate last Thursday’s 7th March, workshop on ‘Advanced Memoir Writing’ for our members and guests.

The above Advanced Memoir Writing workshop followed on from last year’s ‘Getting Started Memoir Writing’ workshop also facilitated by Leonie.

Leonie’s knowledge base, handouts and interactive practical sessions inspired all of us, including the guests who have now become new members of our group.

Being able to accommodate wonderful learning opportunities for our members and guests is helping to advance their overall writing ability.

Thanks Leonie for yet another beneficial session.  We look forward to additional workshops during the year with Leonie.

For further information go to ‘events’ on this website for further information meetings and workshops.

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