Blogging Workshop

Karolyn Gibson’s comments on the Blogging Workshop with Liz Keen, Producer ABC Open:

I love my Thursday’s.  It is the one day of the week where I lose myself to freedom of expression and find myself surrounded by very creative and talented people.  I share, I listen, I learn, I laugh and cry and return home, not tired, but energised and inspired all over again.

I used to be in a hurry to write.  I thought I never had enough time, or would run out of ideas.  Now it’s not about the need to get it down, but the joy in being within the moment.  Today we had a wonderful workshop presented by Liz Keen, ABC Open Producer, Coffs Coast.  Liz reintroduced us to ABC Open and the fabulous projects available for the Community.

ABC Open has introduced a Blogging project with each month identifying a different theme.  October was themed “Caught Out.”  Liz offered us the tips to get started in this 500 words writing challenge and explained how it could lead us confidently into our own personal or group Blogging project(s).  The tips were extremely beneficial and the project offers a great challenge ahead.  November Theme is ‘Someone Who Shaped Me.’

Writers love to share stories and I believe Blogging is the moment.  It is ‘today’ and by adding our own individual style, ABC Open offers the platform for us to walk our talk.  Thank you Liz, for another interesting and inspiring workshop.  For more on ABC Open Projects go to

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